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are there any drip feeders that will last a week for watering my tomtoes when i go on holiday for a week i want to feed 2 tomato plants and 2 or 3 chilli plants



I used one of those drips that fit onto 2 litre bottles (old lemonade/Coke etc). It works really well. costs about £1-2 I think for 8, might get them for a £1 in a pound shop.

20 Feb, 2013


thanks for that i will try it before i go away

21 Feb, 2013


If you're only going to be away for 1 week,and the weather is'nt too hot, I would just give them a really good soaking just before you set off, and I would think they would then last the week you're away, of course it would depend on wether they're in the ground or in pots as pots would dry out a lot quicker than the ground, Derek.

21 Feb, 2013


as they will be in pots and hanging baskets in a green house will it be to hot in there for them

22 Feb, 2013


Hi Davej, I think that would depend on what sort of weather we're having at the time, if it's cloudy & raining then they would probably be ok, but if we happen to be having a heatwave, {what's one of those?} then I think they would probably dry out too quickly in pots and baskets, especially in a greenhouse, in which case you would be better going with Kildermorie,s suggestion.
Best of luck, Derek.

22 Feb, 2013


hi derek.thanks for you help.dave

23 Feb, 2013

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