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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Whilst I had one of my many not being able to sleep nights I was flicking through some shrubs on my phone (fatal to have it near me at night!!) and came across a lovely Hydrangea Pinky Winky. Has anyone got one and are you pleased with it. Does is keep the pink/white colour regardless of soil? And is it easy to grow? Thank you



This is one of the H. paniculata types. I think we may have it but without going and label hunting I am not sure. It starts off pale pink/white in flower and fades to pink then red as the flowers age. Soil alkalinity does not affect paniculata types. Pruning is different too. You can if you want to cut this type back almost to the ground in February. they flower on new wood so you are aiming to force the plants to produce new branches. H. macrophylla types flower on wood produced the previous season so are not pruned at all or at least not much.

22 Feb, 2013


Someone on here did a blog about their hydrangeas, at least i think it was this site, and Pinky Winky was one of them. I remember thinking how good it looked, and the fact you can prune it as much as you like in autumn or spring and it'll still flower has to be a bonus.

23 Feb, 2013


This is on my wish list for this year.

23 Feb, 2013


Hi pdb,
I looked it up, it does look nice, but then I saw the same kind of hydrangea called 'vanilla fraise' and fell in love with it..... I MUST get one this year!

24 Feb, 2013


Now that one we do have and yes it is rather good.

25 Feb, 2013

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