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By Julien

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Growing Peppers, Hi everyone, now this is a first for me, never grown peppers before, my daughter has just brought her first house and has a greenhouse so was thinking of growing some from seed, so any tips would be appreciated, and would the peppers be like you get in the shops? Thanks Julien.



Fairly easy to grow although they do require a bit of heat...especially for germinating them where bottom heat from a reptile heat-mat or an electric propagator is useful. You can of course, buy newly germinated seedlings from most garden centres and this is very useful if you just want a few plants to play with.

They like a bit of warmth for growing....a greenhouse is perfect. Don't let them dry out and feed them weekly once they start flowering.

Then, come late summer, you should start to get proper peppers...just like you get in Tesco !!!!

Good luck.

23 Feb, 2013


Yes I've grown both chilli peppers and sweet peppers in the greenhouse and got loads of fruit. I treated them like growing tomatoes - ie feeding them tomato feed every week. I bought small plants from the garden centre because I didn't want to end up with hundreds of plants when two or three were sufficient.

23 Feb, 2013


Thanks Andy and cammomile for the advice, think i will buy some from the garden centre and see how i go on, will let you know at the end of summer if they are like tesco peppers lol.

23 Feb, 2013


Thanks Bilbobaggins.

24 Feb, 2013

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