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Does anyone grow Veratrum?
If so what is it like? easy, difficult, fussy, pest prone? A friend in burnley is getting rid of some. says she doesnt like it. Odd for her as she likes all plants. Is there a hidden catch in her generous offer?
Thankyou in advance

On plant Veratrum, false hellibore



I just looked it up on Wikipedia and it says it is very poisonous, so maybe thats why she wants rid of it.

23 Feb, 2013


I tried one a few years ago but it only stayed with me for two years and then gave up the ghost. I was annoyed because it cost a fortune! It was a V. viride.

I quite liked the 'quilted' leaves, as they reminded me of a hosta but minus snails.

24 Feb, 2013


poisonous wont be in her mind set. The quilted look is good and the fact that slugs are less keen on it is a good thing. I am amazed not many seem to grow it. They do seem to be very expensive dont they.

24 Feb, 2013


I deeply regret that money. I could have bought several different plants instead! Free is good, though! :-D)

25 Feb, 2013


I've never been sure about why it is not more widely available.

My own attempts to grow it failed but that shouldn't be taken as any indication of how difficult it is.

It is illegal to supply any part of the plant 'for the purpose of amusement'. The regulation was intended to stop its use in sneezing powder where it had been shown to cause damage to the nasal passages. Maybe that is what put garden centres off.

25 Feb, 2013


i remember grinding up rowan berries for itching powder when i was little. still sell rowans.

25 Feb, 2013

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