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Hi has anyone had any success with growing monotropa uniflorer or hypopitys in their garden I would love to know how?

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Not sure it grows in the UK at all... You would need dense woodland and the host plant that it is parasitic on to grow. Oddly it is a member of the ericaceous family!

24 Feb, 2013


It also has a special relationship with specific mycohrriza as well as host trees. It is parasitic too.
I has recently been re classified MG due to DNA analysis.

24 Feb, 2013


Oh what is the new classification?

24 Feb, 2013


Hi thanks for this. Yes the variety hypopitys grows in Britain and I would love to try growing this in a deep shade garden but know it is very difficult. Are there any success stories/ attempts/ anywhere to buy seeds or small plants?

24 Feb, 2013

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