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Can anyone growing Pulmonaria 'Opal' tell me what colour new leaves are please.
I planted a new one last year and it disappeared (which I did not expect) Where it was planted there are a couple of new leaves which is rather purply/brown in colour with none of the variatation I would have expected but are the right shape. I don't want to nurture a weed.
Thanks in advance.



Sounds reasonable, Scottish. Pulmonaria is fully herbaceous and the new leaves can be a purple/brown colour just as they emerge. I do not grow 'Opal' but have other pulmonaria. They can only just have started coming through so give them time.

25 Feb, 2013


I have opal too but the rootstock is visible and the leaves arent any where near emerging yet. but I agree with BA the variation will appear as the leaves elongate and fill out.

25 Feb, 2013


Whilst working in our sunny garden (!!!!!) today I remembered to look at the pulmanaria leaves. They are, indeed, purply/brown.

26 Feb, 2013


Thanks both of you - I'm pleased it hasn't died :)

26 Feb, 2013

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