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suggestions please for courtyard size garden,neutral soil (some clay)Morning sun, fairly sheltered. Evergreen (limited space) needed to grow against fence to screen from neighbours



Welcome to GOY, Why not look at the 'small garden ideas' and 'courtyard gardens' on here that members have done already you may get some great ideas for yours?

26 Feb, 2013


Euonymus fortunei 'Silver Queen' immediately came into my head. That can be trained against a wall, is evergreen, can be pruned to shape and is lovely.

27 Feb, 2013


A clumping Bamboo such as Fargesia would give you evergreen and a screen and the soil sounds good for it.

27 Feb, 2013


Evergreen and the early morning sun could be a problem regarding leaf scortching but I would try the pineapple broom, cytisus battandieri, grey-green leaves and yellow pineapple-scented flowers. Can be grown as a free-standing shrub or trained as a fan against a fence. The soil can be improved with the addition of sharp sand or crushed grit.

27 Feb, 2013


Some Boxwood at the base and Honeysuckle to climb perhaps?

27 Feb, 2013


Thanks. Will look into all the options and let u know.

27 Feb, 2013


Take a look at, a courtyard and a very beautiful one.

27 Feb, 2013

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