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I have just chopped off some small branches from my laburnum tree (as they were in the way when walking past). I need to know if there is anything I can apply to the stumps to protect them, or can they survive anyway without damaging the tree itself. Any old-fashioned solution without having to buy some expensive product?



I've cut Laburnum before without painting anything on and they've been fine.U did it at right time as they bleed a lot if cut in the spring/summer!

28 Feb, 2013


The old idea of painting wounds or pruned areas on trees with 'wound paints' such as Arbrex for infection protection has largely been discredited. The tree should be fine without your doing anything else at all.

28 Feb, 2013


To all of you who sent me some comments - many thanks, I shall follow your advice. Thanks a lot.

1 Mar, 2013

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