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Can anybody give me some advice on the best method for growing Schizanthus from seed? Direct sow, or start indoors?



Sow the seed in a propagator at 61 deg f in mid spring if you want them to flower in summer to autumn, or in late summer to flower in winter in the warm greenhouse, under glass grow them in John innes no 2, shade them from strong sun, and feed every 2 weeks with a high potash liquid fertilizer, they need a minimum winter temperature of 41 deg f, for summer flowering they are best grown in containers on a warm patio, and the stems will probably need supporting, Derek.

28 Feb, 2013


I treat them like antirrhinum and start them of intrays as Derek says. But I alsoplant mine directll in the borders.

28 Feb, 2013


Thank you very much Derek, I've been looking forward to growing these beauties! That's a good bit of advice.
If anyone else has anything to add, I would appreciate all the advice I can get.
Enjoy the coming spring!

28 Feb, 2013


Thank you Seaburngirl!:)

2 Mar, 2013

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