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Is this just a house plant, or can it take outdoor temperatures, including zone 7

On plant Clivia miniata



Valerie, Clivia miniata is a South African plant and will not stand frost. If your garden is frost free then it will do OK outside, otherwise ..........:-(.

5 Jan, 2010


We do grow this clivia outdoors over here, Valerie They thrive in dry shade .... although in our summer we do have to keep them moist ... they're quite sensitive to sunlight and will burn easily. They are definitely frost tender... although a verandah, the eaves of a house or a dense tree canopy are usually sufficient protection for temps. as low as –5°C.

The reason they're so popular as a potted plant is because it has such meagre requirements for light, water and fertilizer ... and is easy to keep in a pot.

It takes 3 years for the flowers to develop over here, but well worth it when they bloom.

5 Jan, 2010


It does get pretty cold in NC, so I wouldn't put it out just yet. Keep it inside in a frost-free place and put it out when the temperatures begin to warm up. Mine stays outside, but the temperature rarely falls below 50*F. Another reason they are good pot plants is that they do well with a bit of crowding.

6 Jan, 2010


thanks everyone. loved the info Think I might try them indoor for the winter and out for the summer

6 Jan, 2010

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