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Hi guys does anyone know what this is? It's currently in fruit now in London- we thought it might be a variety of burberis but not sure.... It wasn't very tall maybe 80cm but well established with minimal pruning




hi its Pernettya, a nice shrub that prefers acidic soil.

28 Feb, 2013


Pernetteya ( or Gaultheria) whichever is the current prefered name. I would not like to go further with the name of a species or cultivar. It is a low growing shrub up to about two feet tall?

28 Feb, 2013


thats the other name I was looking for but could i remember? nope. thanks BA

28 Feb, 2013


Gaultheria mucronata. This is a female plant because it's carrying berries, somewhere nearby is a male

28 Feb, 2013


Wow thanks so much for such a quick response very helpful!

1 Mar, 2013

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