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Unreasonable question - but can anybody identify this self sown cotoneaster? I haven't got any in the garden. Sorry the pics are so poor.

Cotoneaster_1_ Cotoneaster_2 Cotoneaster_3



May be cotoneaster franchettii as they often crop up as self-sown plants

28 Feb, 2013


Thank you - I didn't expect anybody to answer this one! Do you know how well it would respond to pruning to a narrower shape than the natural one? Or even, would it be possible to train it as a standard on a short trunk do you think?

28 Feb, 2013


It's a fast grower and a big blighter - I'd be inclined to just bin it

28 Feb, 2013


Useful info .. Nominated for GoYpedia.

1 Mar, 2013


we have one at work that has been regualrly pruned into a sturdy 7" diameter 2 stemmed tree. it is now 12ft tall. the groundsman said he just kept 2 stems and treated it like a standard fuchsia stripping off the lower shoots.

so if it is in a good place [doesnt look like it on the photo] it can be trained.

1 Mar, 2013


7 inches? Is that the trunk diameter or circumference?? I wonder how tall it will get. The books say 10 feet but presumably limiting the width will make it grow taller. I've also seen a pic of it used as a hedge.
I do have a place I could put it as a narrow one - maybe I will move it, and then wish I'd taken Andrew's advice! But on the other had this doesn't seem a very labour saving thing to do and I'm getting older all the time...
Come to think of it, I know somebody with lots of space to fill so maybe it can go there.

1 Mar, 2013


As Andrew said cotoneaster franchetii or X watereri -

1 Mar, 2013


7" diam trunk it has been stopped at the roof line so 12ft. no idea on its actual true id.

1 Mar, 2013


It goes!

1 Mar, 2013

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