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Sea Holly propagation.
after reading a question about these being sent out as bare root plants a thought struck!

Can they be propagated like poppy/acanthus/primula by root cuttings?

I have a few with roots the thickness of my little finger.

thanks in advance.



My book says you can 'take root cuttings from perennial species in winter'. Still winter, isn't it, almost, lol

1 Mar, 2013


ooh thanks bamboo, I'll get cutting, what do you reckon 2" pieces in a gritty compost? Bottom heat or just cool?

Something for free yippee.

1 Mar, 2013


No idea, never tried, and that's all the book says I'm afraid. Reckon you've got more idea than I have!

2 Mar, 2013


well they are in agritty compost in the greenhouse. wont bottom heat them. I hope they will be a pain like acanthus/dandelions when you leave a bit behind :o)

keep you posted .

2 Mar, 2013

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