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Help and advice in planting 3 new fruit trees into pots

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i am planting 3 new fruit trees into pot, apple Braeburn, plum Victorian and pear Conference. I have always wanted fruit trees and want to give them the best start they are about 4ft tall, what compost should i use thanks pete
Pot size is about 29"wide x 18" high



As you're growing in pots, I assume you've bought minarette or ballerina type trees, the small ones which can be grown in pots. I'd use John Innes No. 3 to pot them into, or a mix of that and good multi purpose potting compost.

2 Mar, 2013


Bamboo, thanks for the quick reply but not sure on the type of trees i only know the root stock will only allow the tree to grown about 6 foot . John Inner Nr 3 it is then i will get some tomorrow thanks again pete

2 Mar, 2013

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