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A question on behalf of a friend of mine who knows that someone on GoY will know the plant that she calls "Magic Bells ". Apparently the flowers are like grapes hanging down , and it is looking sickly and sorry for itself at the moment . What can she do please ? It lives in her heated conservatory .



It's a type of Kalanchoe. They like plenty of light and free draining soil.
You don't say in what way it is sickly, but it could be lacking in nutrients ... so maybe it needs repotting. Try repotting it with plenty of drainage, and give it a feed.
A heated conservatory should be perfect for it. Not in direct sunlight though.

2 Mar, 2013


Hi Driad...I'm wondering if it's the Kalanchoe "Magic Bells"? It does need as much light and sun as possible and a temp not less than 12degs C. In the winter months, keep it as dry as possible, but when it needs watering, use tepid water and never water from the top as the leaves hate getting splashed. I've a feeling it originates from Mexico.

2 Mar, 2013


Ha..ha Hywel, you beat me to!

2 Mar, 2013


lol I'm not usually as fast as that ... :D

2 Mar, 2013


Kalanchoe Pinnata likes bright, indirect sun for most of the day, but it can take some full sun. It does not need much water, being a succulent, and the soil should be allowed to dry before watering when the plant is grown in containers.

The above is copied from the internet and agrees with Hywel and Janey. I would guess that your friend has been giving their plant too much water.

2 Mar, 2013


Well you were quick off the draw there....:))

Yes I googled it too Bulba, couldn't think what it could be.

2 Mar, 2013


I knew ... lol

2 Mar, 2013


There is a chance it is suffering from root mealy bug. Get your friend to tip it out of its pot and look at the roots. Mealy bug looks like woolly white patches on the roots and often on the sides of the pot too. If its that wash off all the compost you can and paint any remaining white patches with meths on a small paint brush.(They are not always easy to see while the roots are wet) If repotting into the same pot make sure all traces are removed from it - scrub, and use meths afterwards to be oin the safe side. It doesn't hurt the plant. I guess there are chemicals to do it nowadays but meths has always worked for me.

2 Mar, 2013


Thank you all , I'll pass the good advice along to her .

3 Mar, 2013

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