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I would love some snowdrops ...can anyone recommend the best place to buy please.



Its better to plant in the green rather than bulbs TGJ

But you can always go and buy £1.99 pots of snowdrops.

Its so nice to see them in bloom.

2 Mar, 2013


Try Anglia Bulbs on 01945 410966. They sell snowdrops 'in the green' for £9.00 per 100, free p&p. You can buy 1,000 for £70 if you have a large garden! That's single snowdrops. Double ones cost more.

I've recommended them to other GOYers in the past and they've been very happy with the service and quality.

2 Mar, 2013


Most on GoY know that I don't like the idea of 'snowdrops in the green' and also agree that dry snowdrop bulbs from the garden center are of poor quality. In Fife there is a well known snowdrop grower who sells 'in the green' and also sells bulbs freshly dug and despatched to you. This is Cambo Gardens and their web site is

2 Mar, 2013


at this time of year there are loads in gc, even morrisons have them.

2 Mar, 2013


Thank you to everyone x

2 Mar, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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