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Where can I obtain perennial sweet pea, common name Argentine Blue Pea.

On plant Lathyrus



Only from a nursery/garden centre in New Zealand, Joybelle. You won't be allowed to import this South American plant.

2 Mar, 2013


Why not Bulba? Is it NZ regulations, or UK too? Is it invasive/ a problem? Please elaborate. (quick google shed no light)

2 Mar, 2013


Any plant/seed sent to New Zealand needs a licence. Depending on variety, some are more restricted than others.
Sweet peas are commonly sent to New Zealand by major seed suppliers here to grow over there, then the seeds are exported back for sale...all to do with seasons.
Same with dahlia tubers. They can be exported with lots of certificates guaranteeing cleanliness, virus free, etc.

3 Mar, 2013


NZ regs Kere no non-native plants may be imported.

3 Mar, 2013


NZ is probably one of the most strickt countries for the import of seeds and other plant materials - local regulations. Whilst i doubt that vetches are dangerously invasive they do seed around a lot and NZ is becoming very precious about its native flora and fauna.

3 Mar, 2013

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