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Can you please advise what plants I should have for a garden rockery. I would like them to be approx 2 inches high which spread. Thanks



For starters I would suggest a collection of saxifrages, even going so far as to say only saxifrages. There is a huge range to choose from and you could turn your whole garden over to a collection. Other than that there is thrift (Armeria maritima), aubretia, sedums and sempervivums. I would also want to put some of the smaller crocus bulbs in, both autumn and spring flowering ones.

3 Mar, 2013


Some of the dwarf campanulas would be lovely in a rock garden

3 Mar, 2013


erodium ,white or pink and they don't get eaten by the slugs and snails,

3 Mar, 2013


Saponaria ocymoides, Arabis, Alyssum montanum, alpine Erysimum, low growing veronica, Lithodora,

To name a few !!!

3 Mar, 2013


Phlox stolonifera, Hepatic nobilis, dwarf ferns to add to the list too.

3 Mar, 2013


'Elfin' Thyme, some of the smaller species of Delosperma, Gazania krebsiana, maybe?

3 Mar, 2013


many thanks to those who made suggestions regarding plants for my rockery

fieldy 51

4 Mar, 2013

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