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Looking back over my questions and answers, someone has mentioned Potash, where will I find this, liquid tom feed is very very expensive. Am hopefully going to plant next week, as long as the wind dies down a little.



Go to a garden store for a fertilizer high in "K". I use Flores e Pereira, and they are very helpful. Also Continent carries several. Add a little to the water you give the plants and they will do well. 1 bottle should last all season.
If you want wind, come over to the Azores :)

3 Mar, 2013


If you just want potash on its own, you should be able to find an equivalent of 'sulphate of potash', which is in a powder form in a box.

3 Mar, 2013


Here in the States, sulphate of potash is becoming difficult to find, due to its role in bomb making. Muriate of potash is easier to find, but not as good for plants, due to its chloride content. Both are highly concentrated, and although they are a moderately hefty initial outlay, they will do a huge number of plants. I prefer to use kelp meal, but lately it has become even more expensive than liquid tomato food!

3 Mar, 2013

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