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By Jaykaty

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Growing autumn fruiting raspberries in large bins. After reading a gardening article which says this is possible I am thinking of having a go. I have a sunny area at the side of our garage which I think would be suitable but would welcome advice from any GOYers who have grown raspberries this way.



Well, from my experience at the nursery, be ready to water them well during dry periods, since they are not very drought tolerant with a restricted root run. Wilting during or shortly after flowering can ruin the crop for a year, and wilting before or after this period will reduce the crop drastically. Also, as usual, plants in containers need more consistent fertilization than plants in the ground.

3 Mar, 2013


what sort of size bins do they need? I will have a sunny-no man's land- space that might just take a razzer or you have reference for that article?

4 Mar, 2013


Thank you for your advice Tugbrethil, I'll make sure I water and feed them regularly.

Wedgie, the article by Robin Lane-Fox (Financial Times March 2/3 2013 House and Home Section) suggests using galvanised dustbins with holes punched in the bottom, but I am going to use a plastic potato bin.

4 Mar, 2013

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