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this plant is drying up how do I preserve chrysanthamum runners



they need to be kept moist so a good water retentive compost or the water retaining crystals available here [not sure if you get them in A.P] are required. You will ahve to water them regularly. Sorry not much help.

3 Mar, 2013


I'm not sure what you mean by Chrysanthemum "runners", Gitasharma. Mine have all made non-running offsets from the base in early spring. Could you give a few more details?

3 Mar, 2013


i assumed she meant the stools/new shoots etc.

4 Mar, 2013


Well, if so, I would soak them briefly in a mild solution of white vinegar (1/2 teaspoon per gallon) and seaweed extract (1 teaspoon per gallon) before planting them. That should stimulate rapid root growth, and reduced shock, Gitasharma.

5 Mar, 2013

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