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I have heavy clay soil would it be a good idea to sprinkle the contents of my hoover bag on it? - I am told that 60% of its contents are dust mite droppings which should make a good fertilizer



You will need a large quantity to do any good, put it on your compost heap.

6 Jan, 2010


Yes, I was wondering just how big and dirty Guest's house must be to generate enough dust to make much impression on a plot. If you don't have a compost bin, Guest, then spread it on the soil. It will only do good.

6 Jan, 2010


Lol it cant do any harm
Has to be better than the infill site
I am sure your house is very clean if you are hoovering that much dust up.
I suspect you have no carpets left lol

7 Jan, 2010

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