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Two questions:
WHEN should I transplant my Lucky Bamboo houseplant?? It's got about 6-7 stems, is about 12-14" tall, and is in a 4-5" oval shaped planter (w/stones) that stands about 3" tall. I water when needed, BUT, I've had 3 yellowing leaves w/in the past 5 weeks.

Question 2: Why is my Christmas cactus (not blooming) getting pinkish leaves?



1, feed the lucky bamboo with a house plant food. or transplant into a slightly bigger pot.

2. the flowering time is probably over. the pinkish leaves may be a sign that the plant needs feeding. Water freely for a few more weeks then slowly reduce the watering and keep them on the dry side. Then about 8-10 weeks before you want them to flower start watering them and then new buds will form on the tips of the green flattened stem[mistaken as leaves].

hope this helps.

4 Mar, 2013


Thanks, Seaburngirl! But, w/the cactus, do I feed (a bit) when I water it for a few more weeks?

4 Mar, 2013


yes it wont hurt it too feed it.

5 Mar, 2013

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