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When dividing my Eucomis bulb, should the new ones have roots attached? I raised it from seed, and it has gotten too big for a large pot, so I want to put it in the ground. The new bulbs are the size of 2 golf balls.

On plant Eucomis bicolor




there may not be any roots on a dormant bulb as they often totally die back. Mine are planted a good 3" deep in the garden to protect them from the frosts. well it has done for the last 3 yrs not so sure this year. They dont re appear until about may for me.

6 Jan, 2010


The cluster of bulbs finally died back and there is a mass of roots, but when I pried one off, it came away clean, without roots. So I stopped to ask. There are 5 smaller bulbs and one the size of a grapefruit. I have 2 more still in pots that need to be divided.

6 Jan, 2010


this is ok so dont worry. the root disc will produce new roots in the next growing season :o)

6 Jan, 2010


I'm trying to get some bulbs to give to friends. You have to plant deep for the frosts, I make sure the old stem is covered or the slugs get in there and feast.

6 Jan, 2010

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