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has anyone tried X MOSS on the roof or drive? We have just had our roof done today[the moss is all cleared off and then a spray applied.]looks good now but hoping it will last.



Seems like a new product? Probably not long-lasting as it's enviro-friendly, but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing. I suggest now just a regular spray off as soon as you see any of the moss fighting back. I happen to like moss, but I realise it can be a nuisance. Be interesting to know the active ingredient in the stuff.

7 Mar, 2013


Mmmm! Never heard of it sorry but this is interesting, I want to remove moss from a flat roof, did you buy the X Moss if so where from & how much did it cost please. Hope it does last for you, only time will tell.
x Jackie x :o))

7 Mar, 2013


the roof was cleared and then sprayed with X MOSS by a reputable roofer and builder [from approved trade list.] It is claimed that it wont come back, but if it does he says it will be done again at no charge at all.He is local and with a reputation to keep up. Yes it is a new product so don't know if it can be bought directly, or comes only with a roofer to do the work.I like moss too, but loads of it on a roof causes problems . The work took ages for them to do, scraping all the moss off and then brushing before the spray was applied, the roof does look great, and it costs a flat £350 for any roof [and we have a large roof.] We will see what happens, because in a year or so would like to have our long brickwork drive treated the same way.I will let you all know how things go!

7 Mar, 2013


Thanks for coming back to me Freeasabird, it will be nice to see how it goes on.
I notice you haven't written anything in "About Me" in your profile, its nice to know a little about someone but that is up to you :o)) Jackie

8 Mar, 2013


There was a tip on this subject somewhere that said if you put copper strip (eg slug tape?) along the edge of the ridge no moss will grow on the tiles.

13 Mar, 2013

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