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When we move into our new house last January we inherited a small apple tree at the bottom of the garden in desperate need of pruning which i did, quite harshly! I wasn't expecting any fruit last year & only got three apple's on the one branch i'd not touched. If i leave it alone this year, will i get fruit?



yes you will but it is a good idea to prune it properly. but i dont know the best way but i am sure someone else will.
welcome to GoY by the way.

6 Jan, 2010


As you seem to have pruned your tree incorrectly, you must look to see which are fruiting buds. It may take a year or so to get the wood on the tree back to a balanced shape. Prune it lightly this year to give it a chance to recover. You could also Google "pruning apple trees"

6 Jan, 2010


I am no expert ! but was told the best time to prune is when the sap is rising,which I took to mean the spring! I would find a book in the libruary telling you how to do it.

6 Jan, 2010


If you are very serious about pruning of apple trees, you should do it twice each year.
In winter, you prune for growth so you are shaping the tree and removing dead, diseased and congested wood. In about mid August, you prune for fruit, reducing new extension growth to about two or three buds.
As Maggy has suggested, a library book should explain it better than I can here (and with pictures)

6 Jan, 2010

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