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Hello all im new here and hoping someone can help me. Mynew neighbour had bags of compost and sand very close to my house (these had been there since last summer). Well in december my house became home to loads of tiny black flies that seem to gather around my windows throughout the house. Never saw them fly they just seem to appear! the flies are tiny black, thin bodies and jump when you go to squash one. Well once we figured out where they must be coming from I went to see her she too had been suffering with lots too. She moved them and things settled alot but im still getting a few in doors, you can see them on bricks outside, im at my wits end now I just want rid of them. Im using bug spray for outside and under kitchen unit as noticed them coming from under there, fly spray for the ones on windows and ant powder too. Can anyone please give me any advice on what to do or when I will be rid of these. Thankyou added photo for extra help




maybe put pots of mint and geraniums on windowsill to discourage them.

7 Mar, 2013


The compost 'fruit' fly problem was discussed a couple of years ago on this link:-

They can be a real problem so see if there are any ideas on that thread. I think typing 43910 into the search box at the top of the page may find it otherwise copy this address into the browser bar.

8 Mar, 2013


That was interesting reading Sarraceniac, liked the Sand & Garlic idea.

Marie10 Good luck in getting rid of them pesky flies :o))

8 Mar, 2013


hi guys thankyou for your replies. I read the link thankyou Sarraceniac. Garden center for sand and to supermarket for plenty of garlic bulbs :) sure hope this works. Are they compost flies? as someone mentioned at work drain flies, but when I searched drain flies they dont look like the ones I have. Im also wondering can they breed in normal garden soil? the soil is wet due to winter and all the rain weve had. Any more advice greatly apprieciated. I go away next weekend and dreading going because I dont know how many of these things are going to be about in my home when I get back :(

8 Mar, 2013


I was looking on eBay and saw this........
"Zeroin Automatic Fly Spray"
Thought it would be a good idea seeing you're going away, its like those big automatic air fresheners one can buy.
Just thought I would mention it :o) Jackie (o:


I once had a lot of flies in the house so we closed our doors thinking they were coming in from outside but we ended up with more in the room, I further investigate and found that they were coming from under the gas fire, I expect a bird had fallen down the chimney and died, well you can imagine the rest, I blocked up the hole that they were coming out of and that ended the problem with the flies.
Right I'm Buzzing off Now LOL

8 Mar, 2013

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