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I live in Arkansas where it is terribly hot and dry in the summer so I figure I cannot grow Meconopsis outside. I am wondering if I could grow them inside. I do not have a greenhouse, but I do have large window ledges inside with south facing windows.

On plant Meconopsis



Thank you very much in advance for any reply.

7 Mar, 2013


I would think this too would be too hot and dry. Perhaps a hydroponic set-up where you can control the light levels, siol and temperature might work?

7 Mar, 2013


I doubt that you will be able to grow mecs at all. They come from the Himalayas and need a cool damp environment. The reason the thrive well in Scotland is that is it cool and wet!

7 Mar, 2013


In the south of England they tend to be grown as bedding plants - bought in from Scottish nurseries, allowed to flower and then die. Your situation in Arkansas sounds even more desperate than this so unless you can grow them in shade (north side of the house) with regular overhead watering I think that your chances of growing them are less than slim.

7 Mar, 2013


Isn't it frustrating when you really love a plant but can't give it the right conditions? :) I would like a Jacaranda tree.....but my Meconopsis are happy enough! Karen, in Scotland!

11 Mar, 2013


Karen enjoy your Mecs!

11 Mar, 2013


Thank you MG!

12 Mar, 2013


Jacaranda? Oh yes, so would I!

13 Mar, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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