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By Clang

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a big, bushy strepto concord Blue last year.
It's even bigger now & rather lanky. I've taken cuttings & given them to friends. Where should it live...most likely indoors as we are in freezing North Yorkshire, but whereabouts in the house?
How do I get it to flower again?

On plant Streptocarpus



I have mine on a se windowsill. water it when its looking dry and feed with baby bio from easter onwards. they throw up flowers as and when they feel like it but tends to be mainly may onwards.
in the summer they do get put outside in a sheltered spot to get their leaves washed when we have gentle rain.

8 Mar, 2013


Seaburngirl, thanks for that! Do you prune yours & if so when? clang

8 Mar, 2013


I just remove the tatty brown leaves when they get to unsightly and any faded flowers.

11 Mar, 2013

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