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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi guys/ girls, it's me again. Okay I am now looking for a centre-piece for my garden, a weeping tree of some sort.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Hi Treetop

A weeping salix would be nice or a weeping cherry tree would be stunning also.

See what others say.

8 Mar, 2013


A weeping Cotoneaster would also be nice,Treetop..evergreen with winter berries,and hardy..

8 Mar, 2013


Always remember, everything grows. So you need to research dwarf trees in RHS Encyclopaedia before taking your purse to the Garden Centre.

9 Mar, 2013


Thanks for the suggestion folks.
As a complete amateur all replies are very much appreciated.

10 Mar, 2013


Is there such a thing as a weeping rose, or would that just be a climbing rose with no structure to climb up?

10 Mar, 2013


If you type weeping rose into the google search box above, will find some answers there..another member must have asked a while ago,and it seems there are ..but I haven't read the replies...good luck ..

10 Mar, 2013


A weeping cherry is nice and, provided that you are prepared to be brutal, even a tree that evetually grows big can be choped down and replaced. We have just taken out our weeping cherry after about twenty years because of the size that it has got to. Our Kilmarnock willow is now huge buty is in a corner of the garden and fills a gap in the boundary so there is no need to touch this.

10 Mar, 2013

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