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By Steve_

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what is that trailing plant you see in the street planters
with begonias?



Oh dear - there are so many it could be - did these plants have flowers, or just foliage? What colour were the leaves and how far down did they trail? It could be Plectranthus argentatus or Ipomea batatas if leaves only, or Calibrachoa or Scaevola if it had little flowers. There are so many possibilities that without a description I'm only making wild guesses!

9 Mar, 2013


My wild guess would be lobelia! Give us a bit more to go on Steve! :)

11 Mar, 2013


Hi Guys,
thank you! I have found it, Dichondra Silver Falls!!!!
Many thanks

19 Mar, 2013


:) good!

19 Mar, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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