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Hi all what can you tell me about Compost Tea how to make it, & is it use full or an old wifes tail Cheers Dave



Sounds delicious! Do you mean liquid manure made with nettles steeped in water?

9 Mar, 2013


You can put compost, manure or nettle leaves in a sack and steep it in a bucket/barrel of water for a period of time. The resultant liquid is then used as a liquid feed for plants and, yes, it is very usefull. The size of the sack and the length of time in the water will depend on the size of the water container. Just use common sense and leave it until the water is strongly coloured.

10 Mar, 2013


... and if it's nettle "tea" make sure you have a lid on the barrel and/or site it away from neighbours as it pongs a bit, I discovered!

11 Mar, 2013


comfrey also makes an excellent liquid feed for plants

11 Mar, 2013


I was just coming on to say Comfrey,Steve!I put a few large leaves in a coke bottle,top up with water and leave,it's wonderful stuff by the next spring and no smell as sealed in bottles!A glug(technical term!) in a watering can will do your plants no end of good.I have 4 x 2 litre bottles from last year.

12 Mar, 2013


thanks for all the replys
go to you tube & type in

how to make compost tea the esey way

this may be my be another way of making it
let me no how you get on Cheers Dave

19 Mar, 2013

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