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By Hank

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Miniature garlic

Yet again the garlic I grew last year in my raised bed were very small. I set some from the garden centre and some from the greengrocer but there was little difference with the result. Perhaps I should grow some in my greenhouse this yera ?



I had the same last year so I have gone for Solent white this year also have a look at hardneck varieties (Lautrec Wight) taste matters not size.

10 Mar, 2013


I've been told it also depends wether it's planted in March, Sept or Nov.

10 Mar, 2013


I've planted it march and Nov, and have some about 6 ins tall now, which I planted in Nov but I haven't much confidence in it.

11 Mar, 2013


They are not going to be supermarket sized in 1 year or less as they use polytunnels. I plant out in September and harvest in the following September. They need at least 1 year to get a decent size, 2 to get medium/large size. The one benefit of small bulbs is the taste is sweeter and stronger and slightly watery - so great of cooking. You therefore need less.

11 Mar, 2013


Thanks K, i'll leave them in longer and not chuck them away this year. Sounds as if small is good.

11 Mar, 2013


I'll tell that to my big belly, Hank.
Maybe it'll listen. Lol.

12 Mar, 2013


Nice one M.

12 Mar, 2013


For the 1st time last year i grew garlic. This was brought back from Spain which was purchased from a supermarket there. Despite being told this was not a good idea we never bought any garlic from July last year til only recently.

Yes the bulbs were quite small but Im sure this was in part due to the poor weather.

They were grown outdoors in a raised bed and we were so pleased we have repeated the same this year.

16 Mar, 2013

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