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Good Morning to you all!
been a mixed weather bag up here in central scotland--2 weeks of almost totally dry weather and then Mother's day yesterday and so far today, Monday 11th march, heavy snow showers and sunny intervals--and Very cold!
Thought the dwarf daffs looked nice in the snow.!
Now to my question--My wife was in Morrisson's last week and returned with the pack of "Mirabilis" in the pic, stating "I like them in the picture". I must admit I'd never heard of them --I appreciate some of you will be saying "Phillistine"! I can't find much info on them apart from "4 O'clock plant". Can I assume they are at their best late afternoon? Also when is best to plant them--there are no instructions whatsoever on pack!, re spacing depth etc but as you hopefully see, there are about 5 tubers, approx 3" and beginning to shoot- trying to keep them cool. Also does anyone have experience of them--do they prefer sun/shade and eventual height and flowering time?
Your advice will be most appreciated

Thanks Ian H

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Found some info: " Marvel of Peru. Plant in warm sunny position (so not at the moment!) - in well drained soil. They are half hardy and very fragrant." They sound lovely and I shall have to get some.

11 Mar, 2013


I've grown them before and they are lovely. they do prefer a sunny aspect in a sheltered spot. Mine were wonderful until I forgot to bring them in for the winter.

11 Mar, 2013


I grew them a couple of years ago, very pretty flowers but they didn't open up until late each day. I stored the tubers with my begonias in the greenhouse over winter but they didn't survive, so not very hardy.

11 Mar, 2013


Hi Ian, I've tried these in Dundee...they grew well, but didn't have time to flower sadly. I fear they are 'soft southerners'!...but if we get a stonking hot summer, you never know... :)

11 Mar, 2013


Thanks to all who replied to me re "Mirabilis" and Karensusan who has reservations about theit hardiness in Northern climes!--"soft southerners --Love it!! I'd better watch or i could risk losing some recently aquired friends from south of the wall !!
Seaburngirl and Jaykaty also discovered they had question marks over their hardiness.
Cammomile--Looks like you are going to suck and see like me--we can compare notes later!

Thanks again to you all

Ian H

11 Mar, 2013


I hope it goes well Ian!

12 Mar, 2013

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