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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Could anyone tell me the name of this very beautiful tender, hothouse perennial?




No again Janey...but wow!!!

7 Jan, 2010


:o( X

7 Jan, 2010


No idea, snag with white flowers is that they do not photograph well...

7 Jan, 2010


I know it is related to Tilia (the Lime tree or Linden) in parks etc. Begins with Spar......hang on!

7 Jan, 2010


Sparmannia!........without the exclamation mark of course :-)

7 Jan, 2010


Ah! I've seen this somewhere. I might have dredged the name up from the orner of my mind. Thanks, Fractal, and Janey for posting it. :-)))

8 Jan, 2010


Thanks again Fractal....Sparmannia....those flowers are Moongrower says...not so good in a was growing in the hot house....more a shrub about 6ft in height......just beautiful...:o)

8 Jan, 2010

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