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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, My new garden seems to be very much clay especially the bottom end near the bungalow. What is the best way to treat such soil/clay?
I am thinking of Hostas or something similar.



how about ging with the flow and having either a bog garden or pond ? just a thaught .

16 Mar, 2013


I find Patio Roses love it. They make good ground cover, with a wonderful display in June. Good investment.

16 Mar, 2013


try improving the soil by digging in grit and garden compost type materials. Hostas will like it so will the slugs/snails though :o)

16 Mar, 2013


I have been doing this for 13 years, plus lots of horse
and chicken manure. There is also the problem and cost of combatting the slugs that come through the fence from next door.
Complete waste of time and
effort. Go for the Patio Roses. End of problem.

17 Mar, 2013


pond dont fight nature especialy fairly natual wildlife pond with a waterfall .brings so much life and movement and sound and your helping nature still . i dont fight slugs etc. i grow stuff that doesnt show any signs of thea eating . my rhubarb and some other plant disapeared over night effectivly lol so they are definatly around and my sterlet loves noting better than crushed snail lol .

17 Mar, 2013


Thanks folks, you people are just brill. Seems like the easiest option is Patio roses.

18 Mar, 2013


your welcome .

19 Mar, 2013

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