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I was given this patio rose last August as a golden wedding gift the label around it just showed a yellow rose on it no name ,it flowered and and they were pink lol question is do I prune it as I never grow roses so not sure




Yes,you do need to prune it,Kidsgran,but not as much as other varieties of Roses..take out inward growing stems,,to give it a better shape, ..I can see a long one on the right of your pic which might need to go.unless you can see an outward facing bud lower down the stem,,.sometimes they rub against the others,when growing,and they spoil the look of the air circulates better if they are open at the centre...the other stems need pruning to an outward facing a sloping angle,so the rain runs off the pruning cuts,they could rot otherwise.,or die seem to have plenty new growth,so it looks healthy enough..and give it a granular feed for roses..anytime now,and later in the summer..Ideal time to do it now,by the way..good luck,hope this helps ..

17 Mar, 2013


Thanks Bloomer I will do what you said, they were very dainty roses and flowered for a long time .

17 Mar, 2013


you're welcome..hope you get another good display this year..:o)

17 Mar, 2013

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