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I have just bought a buddleia sungold.Can I keep it in a reasonable shape by pruning.



yes you can, but it is a more open shrub than the B .davidii and in mild winters it will keep its leaves. I prune mine by half in late autumn to prevent wind damage. Its a lovely shrub.

17 Mar, 2013


I stared at this question for ages thinking - Sungold, sungold... why does that ring a bell?

Only when I googled the name did I realise it is the name of the Buddleja I have out the back, up behind the garage.

By then of course Seaburngirl had provided you with the best answer you could have.. :)

Buddleja are a valuable asset to any garden.

18 Mar, 2013


I would treat Sungold exactly the same way as a large B. davidii cultivar - the advice above is sound, but leave pruning later this year (April) as March has been so cold. Reducing height over winter (a third rather than half) is a good idea to prevent wind-rock but that is as well as spring pruning. It can become a small tree otherwise.

All the history and biology of Buddleja x weyeriana is here:

18 Mar, 2013



24 Mar, 2013

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