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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Is there any purpose to going over the lawn and forking it OH seems very keen to do this !



Don't stop OH from doing anything!! Yes, it aerates the lawn.

18 Mar, 2013


Ha !Ha ! :-)) you are quiet right .

18 Mar, 2013


Please ask him to come and do mine when he's finished!

18 Mar, 2013


In the days when I was a mountaineer and had a lawn I used to put on my boots and crampons and walk all over the grass. Much easier than using the fork!

18 Mar, 2013


Gosh yes let him do it, its really boring and I wish I had someone willing to do mine..I inherited a rolling thing with spikes out of dads shed when we lost him and just cannot get the hang of using it...

18 Mar, 2013

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