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By Brian12

limerick, Ireland Ie

Aucuba japonica roziannia .....can anyone tell me why it's leaves are going yellow ? I bought it last year and its just about over it's first thinking iron deficiency but I have limy soil but its not one of those plants that go yellow from limy soil.the garden centre said it needs a feed but I'm thinking that there should be enough nutrients in the soil which is limy looks like its growing in the last few weeks but all the leaves are yellow.thanks



lack of magnesium often is the cause of leaf yellowing. give it a dose of epsom salts [magnesium sulphate]. this should help green it up again.

18 Mar, 2013


And ensure it's not in a waterlogged site.

19 Mar, 2013


I have 2 in the ground and 1 in a 3 litre pot and all 3 have the same symptoms.yellowing of the told that iron deffiency starts on the top leaves and I've noticed that the bottom leaves are a shade better than the top.?

19 Mar, 2013


They should be coming into growth very soon, if they're not already, I would give them a feed as soon as they start to grow, a liquid balanced feed is best, just a thought, have they been grown in a loam based compost, ie lohn innes no2? or are they in a peat based multi purpose? if they're in multi purpose, I would try to change as much as possible to j i no2, plus as others have said, make sure they're not waterlogged, Derek.

22 Mar, 2013


Hi Derek's.......possible site I have planted 2 in is slightly over damp......but saying that I have another pot in the greenhouse that I didn't get to put in the ground and that ones leaves have gone yellow.however I have noticed that the leaves on the bottom are slightly green and the rest are yellowish.this is why I'm thinking its an iron problem as plants with an iron deffiency have yellowish leaves at the top .its not one of the plants that hates lime and I prob have lots of it in my soil but as its a new variety ( I think ) maby it needs to be tested in a Limey soil ?

24 Mar, 2013

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