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hi all ,good morning ,,here we go , is it safe to grow tomatoes in pure horse muck ,its really old stuff ,over 10 yrs black as coal ,could i use it to grow the toms ,or would it be too rich for them ,,im thinking trying some cucumbers in it as well ,,cheers pete



Hi. Don't fancy your salads!!! don't know the answer but just struck me as sooooo funny.

19 Mar, 2013


All i can say is give it a go,if you're worried mix in some other potting compost or similar.Maybe being so old it won't be quite as "strong" as it would've been.Be interested to know how they do!

19 Mar, 2013


Dunno, but you can do it with courgettes, so why not give it a go with just a few plants and see what happens?

19 Mar, 2013


thanks for the replies everyone ,,i will give it a go ,maybe tone it down a bit with some soil/or tomato compost ? cheers pete

19 Mar, 2013


interesting experiment :O) hope you are successful. Let us know how it goes. :O)

20 Mar, 2013


If the horse manure is that well rotted, I see no reason not to grow anything in it, you may find that you don't have to fertikize your tomato's as much, and should get a bumper crop, Derek.

22 Mar, 2013


thanks derek in fact i got on an american gardening forum & they acctually prefer to grow them in 100 pr cent horse manure ,getting huge crops ,so im giveing it a good go ,cheers

23 Mar, 2013

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