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Hello, I have a Beacarnea Guatamalense or Elephants Foot and I am noticing tiny silver bugs on the soil when I water it. They float on the water and jump around as the water seeps into the soil. Are they bad for my plant? Can they pose any harm to me since the plant is indoors? I have included a picture since there's 100s of them after I water. Thank you for helping out!

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Not sure but thinking maybe white thrips? if they were whitefly you would notice them flying around, i would consider useing a spray that stays within the plant and prevents further attacks from these pests, here in the uk we have one called bugkiller by provado which is effective.

19 Mar, 2013


they are springtails and they dont do any harm to the plants. they feed on decaying humus in the compost. so dont waste your money on sprays.

20 Mar, 2013

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