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What is this and how should it be cut back?




Looks like a type of swiss cheese plant . Usually you dont cut it back.

20 Mar, 2013


I would say it's Philodendron bippinatifidum. It's not easy to say how to cut them back as they are supposed to be grown as a large specimen plant.

You could possibly take the main trunk right down to soil level and allow the other smaller ones to grow but, in my opinion, what a waste !!!!

20 Mar, 2013


I would also say Philodendron and if it really annoys you remove the leaves from the bottom up to make a trunk. The newer upper leaves tend to be more erect.

20 Mar, 2013


I agree with Andyj!

20 Mar, 2013


If you haven't got room for it best give it to somebody who has.

20 Mar, 2013


Oh my, its gorgeous! I would leave it as is.

21 Mar, 2013

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