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clematis armandii Apple Blossom

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why isn't my clematis armandii Apple Blossom (45cm diameter square pot) flowering after 3 years? it's not grown a great deal, maybe around 4' extra in a couple of stems but not very leafy though. it's south-facing, sheltered and the compost gets changed and fed regularly.
i do have c. Freckles that I can replace this with as I think that is less vigorous. what do you lot think?



they are always happier in the ground. does the ot itself get hot? they like cool root runs. I think you would have the same problem with freckles.

21 Mar, 2013


SBG is dead right. Armandii is far too vigorous to be in a pot. It likes its head in the sun and its roots kept cool. I would re-plant it in the ground in free-draining conditions with plenty of peaty material covering the roots as a mulch. Give it a high potash feed in late August to encourage flowering in the early spring. West or south-westerly would be my ideal position.

22 Mar, 2013


Would it be fine to reposition this now or wait till the weather's better? I chose this type of clematis purely for early flowering and scent, and it seemed like I've waited for nothing!

Is there any chance that I can use either of the following as a replacement for the pot - Gravetye beauty, Freckles, Helsingborg and C. triternata rubromarginata? Reason why I ask is because these varieties are already in the ground at the lotti and the pot is at home where there is no further space for climbers.

22 Mar, 2013


Try any of them rather than the 'Armandii'. Gravetye Beauty might be best as it's late flowering and can be pruned down in spring. But, as has been said, a cool root run is important for climbers and pots aren't really the best foothold for them.

23 Mar, 2013

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