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How do I keep a Staghorn Fern happy?

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How do I keep a Staghorn Fern happy. Originally, purchased one 2 years ago and kept it going until a year later and again bought another but it hasn't put on any growth since Summer '12. In the house it's sited on a West-facing windowsill in an unheated room and in the Summer it would go out. It would get watered and misted regularly. I guess they aren't really suited to our climate if they prefer humid atmospheres naturally.



I looked this up for you. It says they are native to North Australia, and are epiphytic, so are usually grown on wood, which is clasped by a rhizome which is concealed by the leaves. They prefer warm humid conditions in part shade. Grow in fibrous peaty well drained compost. You probably know this anyway, but hope it might help. Perhaps your conditions weren't quite warm enough - especially as it was outside in our far from warm summer last year! Although it was certainly humid...

21 Mar, 2013


Yes, I did check on it's cultivation habits and I knew that there's nothing I can do to change it's environment as there's no conservatory or heated g/h at home. I didn't have it out that much in the Summer but the year before with the original plant did and looked a bit better (didn't grow though!)

22 Mar, 2013


I also think that it probably wasn't warm enough for it, there are about 15 species of this, most are found in temperate or tropical rain forest in Africa, Asia, and Australia, and a few in South America, so you really need a tropical greenhouse to get the best out of them.
The reccommended compost for these is equal parts of leaf mould or peat, chopped sphagnum moss, loam and charcoal, and grow in bright filtered sunlight, water freely when they're in growth and mist them daily, and apply a liquid fertilizer once a month, water sparingly in winter, minimum winter temperature 41deg f, Derek.

22 Mar, 2013

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