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By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Ive ordered a sloe shrub/tree from DT Browns seed merchants.Not a bad price really about £7. The only thing is when i looked it up on the internet it didnt actually say where to plant it in the garden.Would it be alright to plant it near a 6 foot fence on the south side of the garden?do you think

On plant Prunus Spinosa



Don't plant it too close to that fence, it will easily get to that height and more. It is a hedgerow plant, "Blackthorn". It can get quite wide too. Suggest you google for more information.

9 Jan, 2010


--- and a recipe for sloe gin----! we've one in an old hedge and it always seems to flower early before the hawthorn

9 Jan, 2010


ok thanks

9 Jan, 2010


Watch out for those thorns when gathering the sloes, they are vicious.

9 Jan, 2010


Seems a very extortionate price for a wild shrub like that. I could have got you a dozen for nothing, ranging in size from 6 inches to 6 feet.
They also sucker like mad. so you will need to watch out for unwanted growths anywhere around the plant.

9 Jan, 2010

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