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Skimmia question
I treated both with iron sulphate a few weeks ago. One was yellower than the other, but is not recovering as quickly and it has a reddish tinge to the leaves which it doesn't normally have. I wondered about magnesium deficiency but saw Bamboo's advice that this normally shows in yellowing between the veins. which this doesn't appear to have. Any ideas please?

Pict0043 Pict0044



Could still be Mg deficiency Steragram. Nothing to lose (except a few bob) by giving it a weak watering with epsom salts.

22 Mar, 2013


I've already got the Epsom Salts. Can you recommend the correct dilution please?

22 Mar, 2013


The old ratio was to dissolve a level teaspoonful of epsom salts in a drop of hot water then add one quart of, preferably clean rain water. The ratio in so called spring 2013 is one teaspoon in hot water and add one litre of melted snow. :o))

23 Mar, 2013


Lol! We don't get much snow here but rain water abounds. Thanks a lot - will give it a go.

23 Mar, 2013


Too much wet, I bet. They do like fairly well drained soil, without getting dry

23 Mar, 2013


Don't think it's that but thanks for the info Worthy, which I will bear in mind.We get lots of rain but that position is quite well drained and as you can see from the pic the one next to it us OK.

24 Mar, 2013

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