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By Alisono

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can you tell me please , i have 2 fly traps and they are begining to get taller and have flowers on top which i presume are new traps , do i need to re pot the plants or just carry on watering them , the pots are not big just the normal type you get when i brought them from the garden centre



well your doing something write.they do actualy flower strate up but it doesnt look much like a flower in your garden ie pretty etc . to me they look like a core of an apple and green .as they get the highest amount of food vier there leaves then the only problem is if the plant is physacly right at the edge of the pot . you have to use ericasious soil and distilled water excuse my spelling . look on google they will probably explain better than me .

10 Jan, 2010


Hi thank you for help will try that , yes they are straight up and have tiny flowers on that are green , will try and repot them with what you have suggested -))


10 Jan, 2010


.....and the flowers are just that! Flowers, not new traps. :-)

11 Jan, 2010


your welcome

11 Jan, 2010

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