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By Adamg40

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've already planted my onion sets with all the snow i was wondering with all the excess water there is going to be,will the bulbs ok? if anyone can help please ....thanks adam



Thankyou and I hope so planted about 60 bulbs

24 Mar, 2013


I planted mine some while ago, and they still looked OK a couple of weeks back, but that could be them bobbing past the window now on a tidal wave..............

24 Mar, 2013


It looks as if it is going to be a very late planting season this year. I have not planted anything in the ground yet and don't expect to for a few weeks now.

24 Mar, 2013


Same here, Bulba. It's very depressing and not looking very good for this season's growing. I'd drawn up a sowing and planting plan for this month and next, and it's all been washed out, quite literally. I have a loft crowded with fairly happy and strongly growing seedlings, and no home to put them in, and no good weather in sight to raise the spirits. I planted my broad beans in pots just over a week ago, because the ground is waterlogged and freezing, and we're wondering whether it will be worth planting them out when the soil is ready to dig over. Our autumn planted onion sets grew quite strongly at first, but seem to have been stopped in their tracks. The rain has been torrential enough to wash away not only roads, but the roots of several of our fruit trees have been exposed to an alarming depth because the soil is now half way down the mountain. That's why gardeners have to be strong minded and optimistic people! I do hope your onions survive, Adam.

25 Mar, 2013


Thanks for all the reply it nice to be back on here let's hope the weather picks up soon :-)

25 Mar, 2013


I sowed sweet peas last week when the weather was warm only to see ground got frozen again, the forecast even says that we will have snow again this weekend....sigh...

25 Mar, 2013

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