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I have seen, this morning, my gloriosa rothschildiana's unopened flowerheads have shriveled. It still has the original 5 amazing flowers. i was looking forward to all the other flowers opening. This plant is 4 weeks old. What have i done? Thank you for your replies, perhaps this plant has been forced before it was bought, maybe it is in distress!!



They prefer hot and humid - is it in a sunny part of a heated conservatory or greenhouse? Mine is still in the garage to be potted up for the summer.

25 Mar, 2013


I'm surprised your gloriosa rothschildiana is flowering so early Linda I think of them as a summer flowering bulb.

25 Mar, 2013


After two seasons of trying I gave up gloriosa. They only sell the bulb in autumn over here and the packaging said they should not be left to dry, so I potted them up immediately, unfortunately they came up immediately as well, left me with leggy unhealthy plants growing during winter. By late winter they produced flower bud that got canceled immediately due to lack of sunlight and the plant just stop growing and no new flower bud either for the rest of the year :(

25 Mar, 2013


Melintir the bulbs should be okay sitting until late spring, just keep them somewhere cool and dry.

25 Mar, 2013

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